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Saturday, August 6, 2011

FREE SOCK DOLL PATTERN AND INSTRUCTIONS : Sock doll toy: Kitty Monster, Great for children

Great project for you and your children while there is still some summer left. Minimal supplies needed.
You will need:
Pincushion with straight pins and sewing needles for hand-sewing.
Matching thread
Purple disappearing marker or other fabric safe marker
Stuffing ( you can also use cut up old clothes, socks, dishtowels, etc)
buttons and embroidery floss for face
Optional ribbon for neck

This is a post about creating a KITTY CAT SOCK DOLL from a left over sock or sock that has the heel worn out. We start out by cutting off the foot and heel of the sock where it is worn out.
This project should take about 1 hour to complete with a parent and child working together.

This was a knee sock and the piece I have left is about 8 inches long but any size will work.

Turn your sock piece inside out so that the WRONG side is showing and lay flat on table in front of you. Get out your fabric marker pen and make a mark in the center about 2-3 inches long for his legs. Do not cut yet!!

This is going to be for your legs of your little sock friend.
Next you will sew very carefully in tiny stitches by hand along the bottom of the sock on the end you just marked all the way to the left of the line you drew.
You will next sew right up next to the line without touching it so that there is about 1/4 inch space between your stitches and the line.

When you get to the top of the line, sew across the line like it was making a letter "T" with 2 OR 3 tiny stitches and continue down this side of the line to the bottom of the sock or leg. You will stitch across the bottom to the edge on this side.
You should now have sewn the shape of both legs and your pen marked line will show in the center of the stitches. If you want to go back over the stitches to make sure the legs are good and secure, this is a good idea.

Now you can cut up the center of the "legs" on the line you drew, stopping just BELOW the "T" in the stitches.

Now you can turn your sock doll back right side out and carefully extend each little leg right side out with your finger. You will now need to put stuffing into the legs. Get two handfuls of stuffing about the size of the palm of your hand and roll them up into log shapes similar to the legs. Both handfuls of stuffing should be about the same size.

If they seem too small, add more stuffing and re-roll the log. Or if they seem too large, remove some stuffing. You can use your fingers or a pencil (not sharpened) or chopstick to put the stuffing rolls into the two legs.
Your legs should look similar to this when done. They will be cute and full of stuffing with the body still limp and waiting for some attention and love.
If you want your legs stiffer or chubbier or thinner, now is the time to either add or remove some stuffing. The stuffing is very pliable inside your sock so you can squeeze it to get more of the shape you want and to make sure both sides match.

Now you will get a large handful of stuffing for the body. Just like the legs, you want to roll it up in your hands into an oval ball shape before inserting it into your sock. It should leave about a half inch of room at the top for forming ears for the kitty or closing it off if you decide to make another kind of sock creature. If you want a fatter tummy, give him a squeeze to get the shape you want or add some more stuffing.

Next after the body is stuffed, we will work on the little kitty ears and head.
You will need to thread your needle with matching colored thread.

Hold onto the top of your head and pinch the two sides together. If your sock has a cuff like this sock, you will not need to turn the fabric inside on the edges. IF, you have cut off both ends of your up-cycled sock ( and this is perfectly fine!) you will need to carefully turn the edge in 1/4 of an inch before stitching.

We will use a LADDER STITCH to close off the top. This will also become the kitty's ears. Insert your needle under the corner on one side so that the knot does not show. Stich 1/8 inch on the right side, cross over to the left side and do the same thing. You will go back and forth like a ladder all the way across to close up the top of the head.

When you are all the way across, tie off your thread. You now will have the top of the head. You can tug a bit on the corners to make the ears point up. The knit in socks is very pliable and helps make great shapes.
I like to run a string of thread through the fabric along the neckline by drawing with my special fabric pen in a line where I want the head. After running the stitches all the way around, pull tight to form neck and tie off. You can cover this stitching up with a ribbon or piece of yarn. You can skip the stitching and just tie a ribbon around to form a neck if you prefer.

Next, you can add two buttons for eyes and draw on a mouth to embroider. You can also use fabric pens or paint to make the face. If this is for a young child, the buttons are not a safe idea.

One of my favorite leftover sock creations is the little "Gangster Pet"on my Etsy site
Don't forget to comment and answer the questions on my post about the Monthly Etsy Give Aways. You could be our first winner!

Please let me know how this project worked out for you and your children.


  1. That looks great. Thanks for popping by my blog. I love upcycling! I am now google friend following you too! Below is the link to my main craft blog. If you are looking for more followers with similar interests I would suggest joining in some 'Linky Parties' Loads of etsy shop owners and designers join in as a way to get them noticed. I don't personally sell my creations but I still join in the parties. Karima :)

  2. Thanks for sharing. Good idea. I like it.