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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More Summer Fun with American Girls

Week three of our awesome Summer Fun at All Saints' in Carmel has started with some wonderful new students and one repeat who is as cute as they come. This week's class is themed "An American Girl Picnic". Watch for photos of our doll and girl sized matching skirts as we sew throughout the week. The doll skirt pattern instructions will be posted later.

 Audrey works with a student on using the running stitch to sew around her circle for a flower to use on a hair clip. Later in class, the girls were able to make a matching set for their doll and themselves.
 Our class is pretty mature this week and so we are moving along very quickly. I felt so good after the first day that I knew we could manage to make skirt sets for the girls and their dolls this week even with 8 students and only 15 hours of time together. I am so impressed with their attention to details and wonderful manners. All the parents would be so proud. These girls are working on the flowers for the hair barrettes. I love seeing the American Girl dolls all around and hearing the different stories of how each girl got her doll.
 The concentration on this beautiful students face while working on her first sewing machine project was so adorable that I had to snap a picture of her. She is so serious.
 These students on Day 2 are working on their doll skirts. We made a small lined pocket for each doll skirt today. This is a pretty advance task because it is so little but they did a wonderful job.
                                              Modeling her flowered hair creations!
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